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Questions to Ask a Kitchen Renovator

homeimages3Many people prefer to do some of their home renovations themselves, but for kitchen renovations there are a host of materials available; but what are the best materials needed for YOUR kitchen remodeling?  Even if buying the best materials for renovation is a good idea, you might not understand how much you will need to complete the project, and the extra costs can take a serious bit on your budget.

That’s why it’s important that you seek the services of a professional kitchen renovation company. Hiring an expert will save a lot of time and money, and ensure the result is what you wanted – and even more

Here are some questions to ask before hiring a renovator:

What are your qualifications and experiences of the company?

Kitchen TechniQ offers personalized renovations that make you kitchen unique and personal. No “cookie cutter”, right-out-of-the-brochure looks. Each renovation is personalized to fit your space and your needs and lifestyle.

Are you ready to work according to my needs and budget?

The best kitchen design is the one that meets your needs and budget. Make sure you are honest when discussing the budget. We will not adjust your budget without your approval, and if a budget adjustment is needed we will make sure you understand and agree and it will always be for your benefit.

Do you have a history of previous kitchen renovations?

Kitchen TechniQ projects are open books of satisfied clients. We have certified kitchen and bath designers available who are proud of their design skills and their ability to interpret your vision into a reality. We encourage you to visit our showroom, and will gladly go to your home for a consultation.