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Designing Your Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation – Kitchentechniq

Renovating a kitchen is different than renovating a living room and bedrooms.  With them, quite often a new set of furniture, drapes and a new paint job does the job.  With a kitchen renovation, it’s not only about style, but also efficiency.

The kitchen is the focal point of the home, and also the workplace.  Like a home workshop, you “create things”, but unlike the workshop that the husband might putter in on weekends  the kitchen is the real “workshop” for the home and  the people who live there; and it’s used every day to  “create things” not just “useful” or “decorative”, but necessary.

But of course, a space that is so necessary in a home also needs to be efficient. And in an era when most homes are built as “developments” where all homes are designed and built “cookie cutter” style according to a plan, there isn’t a lot of “individuality” or opportunity to make you home “unique”.  Many will hire an interior decorator to furnish and decorate the living, recreation and sleeping areas, but, generally speaking, every kitchen looks pretty much like every other kitchen.

For a space that is so necessary and so often used  for family and for entertaining visitors, relatives and friends, too often the kitchen is only what the contractor made it to be.

But the rest of you house is yours: remade to fit your lifestyle and tastes, and you kitchen should be the same. Visitors and friends rarely ask “can I see the bedroom”? but they may want to “see the kitchen”! A home and its kitchen is the heartbeat of a family.

Kitchen TechniQ offers personalized kitchen renovations that can change your “cookie cutter” kitchen into a kitchen that is unique and as personal as your family and lifestyle.