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Creating Your Own Kitchen

Kitchen Zones IdeasBefore you begin your kitchen renovation, consider how you use your current kitchen and what your goals are.  This means having a definite idea of what you want about floor plan, appliances, and cabinetry. That way you renovator can plan exactly what you want with no surprises or misunderstandings that will spend both time and money.

Focusing on “zones” for food preparation, preparing meals, serving and cleanup will define what appliances are needed. The focus will be on performance, as well as style.

Knowing what you need as well as what you want is the best way to get the kitchen you not only want, but need.

Ask yourself these basic questions:

  • What kind of meals do you prepare?
  • What special cookware do you  use?
  • What appliances and utensils do you most often use the most, and what items are used infrequently?
  • What groceries do you always keep on hand?
  • Do you need or want space to store wine?
  • Do you prefer to prep food in the same or different area you clean your dishes in?
  • How many people are cooking at one time?
  • Do your entertain guests in the kitchen or somewhere else?
  • What special appliances do you require? Do you focus on baking as well as meal preparation? Chefs and bakers require different utensils and facilities.

Gourmet cooks generally prefer gas ranges, but induction cooktops, heat up faster and deliver heat directly from the source to the pan. Consider whether you need oven and range options. The goal is not to just get a “new kitchen”, but a kitchen that suits you and your needs.

Kitchen TechniQ is an innovative renovator specializing in Kitchen Design and Renovation.  Why pay for just “another kitchen” when you can get one that is truly yours?