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Consider the Banquette

Banquette Style Kitchen

Banquette Style Kitchen

Need a larger kitchen but don’t have the space? Do away with a formal dining room and use the space to make your kitchen not only larger but also spacious and unique with a lounge-style banquette. The banquette is a stylish “bench” or “sofa” with cabinets not and chairs. With a “Lounge-style banquette” (around the table rather than chairs) the back of the seating has a sort of shelf/ work surface with cabinets below.

The advantages are this frees up space to cook, serve and eat without feeling that you’re “eating in the kitchen” or “cooking in the dining room”.  There’s enough space between the cooking area and the eating area to feel you’re not eating in a restaurant’s kitchen. The “kitchen” and the “dining area” can look more like the rest of the house.

Kitchen TechniQ  is not just a “renovator”, but an “innovator”. Their imagination and experience have made their customer’s needs and wants into realities, and they can do the same for you.  You have the dream. Kitchen TechniQ has the tools to make your dream a reality!