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The Perfect Kitchen

Is there such a thing? Of course, if it fits all you needs, wants, and dreams.  But many people don’t really know what their “perfect” kitchen” is. May be we can help. Here are some suggestions that could not only modernize and improve your kitchen, but make it into a showplace. A Range Hood.  Size isn’t everything.  Even if your… read more

Tips for an Ergonomic Kitchen

If the configuration of your current kitchen makes meal preparation less than efficient and pleasant, it time to renovate. But first, identify those areas you would like to improve: such as not enough, or not easily accessible counter space where you need it; or disorderly and or badly placed cupboards. Are you doing too much running around and reaching to… read more

The Kitchen Alphabet

Most of us think of a kitchen as a box with cabinets, fridge, stove/range cabinets shelves and counter tops all fixed one of the four walls with tables and chairs in the middle of ‘box”. That’s because homes used to be designed as a box as well. We still have those “cookie cutter” box homes, but today homes are being… read more

The Farmhouse Sink, and How to Use It

So what is a “Farmhouse Sink” and how can you use in your kitchen? Long ago, people hauled their water from lakes, rivers, and wells into their homes – no plumbing to deal with all their water needs: washing clothes, washing dishes and preparing food. Early homes had dry sinks, but no connection to a plumbing system that piped water… read more

Working With a Kitchen Renovator

Why do it yourself? Will you get the kitchen you really want at the price you can afford? Not only do kitchen designers have access to tools and technology that most homeowners won’t , but they have the first access to new trends, materials, knowledge of building codes and technology; nor to mention expertise that can actually save time, expense… read more