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Designing Your Kitchen

Renovating a kitchen is different than renovating a living room and bedrooms.  With them, quite often a new set of furniture, drapes and a new paint job does the job.  With a kitchen renovation, it’s not only about style, but also efficiency. The kitchen is the focal point of the home, and also the workplace.  Like a home workshop, you… read more

Consider the Banquette

Need a larger kitchen but don’t have the space? Do away with a formal dining room and use the space to make your kitchen not only larger but also spacious and unique with a lounge-style banquette. The banquette is a stylish “bench” or “sofa” with cabinets not and chairs. With a “Lounge-style banquette” (around the table rather than chairs) the… read more

When and Why to Update

Many homeowners wait until their kitchen looks worn and dated before the consider renovating:  appliances don’t work and the countertops are cracked. But there  are many other reasons why a kitchen needs to be remodeled that are far more important than just cosmetic. Adequate space: Are you satisfied with the amount of counter, floor and cabinet space?  Is the your… read more

Questions to Ask a Kitchen Renovator

Many people prefer to do some of their home renovations themselves, but for kitchen renovations there are a host of materials available; but what are the best materials needed for YOUR kitchen remodeling?  Even if buying the best materials for renovation is a good idea, you might not understand how much you will need to complete the project, and the… read more

Creating Your Own Kitchen

Before you begin your kitchen renovation, consider how you use your current kitchen and what your goals are.  This means having a definite idea of what you want about floor plan, appliances, and cabinetry. That way you renovator can plan exactly what you want with no surprises or misunderstandings that will spend both time and money. Focusing on “zones” for… read more