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Tips for an Ergonomic Kitchen

Ergonomic KitchenIf the configuration of your current kitchen makes meal preparation less than efficient and pleasant, it time to renovate. But first, identify those areas you would like to improve: such as not enough, or not easily accessible counter space where you need it; or disorderly and or badly placed cupboards. Are you doing too much running around and reaching to get things that focusing on cooking?

If so, a well-planned and equipped kitchen can make a huge difference.

What you need is floor-level storage space:  drawers rather than cupboards. That way you won’t be bending or reaching to look for whatever tool or utensil that’s stuck at the back of a cupboard.

Store frequently used utensils and tools in the top drawers just beneath the counter or on the bottom shelf of the cupboards just above the counter. The trick is placing your tools, utensils and accessories based on how often they’re used, while those less used on the highest or lowest levels.

Make sure that your kitchen plan includes a working counter near the stove where you can place dishes ready to cook or those fresh out of the oven. You’ll do a lot of work at the range, so make sure your range in placed so you have ample space on both sides and have enough counter space close to the sink as well. If you’re shorter or taller than average, make sure the counter height is the right height for you, and make sure you have sufficient lighting.

Finally, keep a stool or high chair handy so that you can do some tasks seating down. That will lessen the fatigue factor when doing a lot of cooking.

Kitchen TechniQ can design and create a kitchen that is new, comfortable, and right for you.