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The Perfect Kitchen

range hoodIs there such a thing? Of course, if it fits all you needs, wants, and dreams.  But many people don’t really know what their “perfect” kitchen” is.

May be we can help. Here are some suggestions that could not only modernize and improve your kitchen, but make it into a showplace.

A Range Hood.  Size isn’t everything.  Even if your kitchen isn’t that big, you can add some style and efficiency with a great range hood to fit your space. A quality range hood will extract cooking smoke and smells without making a lot of noise doing it.

A Functional Island.  Especially for people who entertain a lot, a functional island is much needed addition. It allows more room for food preparation with provide storage underneath without navigating around tables, chairs, and cupboards.

A fashionable backsplash.  A great way to enhance kitchen is to add a “backsplash”.  It protects you walls and can also add a lot of style to a kitchen,  Go high-end with a marble or glass mosaic or just choose a decorative and stylish  backsplash within your budget.

Storage for dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, etc. are essential, but can make a kitchen look cluttered. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards ensure nothing is left on the countertops.

 A Wall Oven maximizes space in the kitchen. In fact, the more “built-in appliances” the better. It saves time and space, and It’s looks good, saves space  easy to use and clean.

A Deep sink is a necessity, believe it or not. It allows food defrosting and fewer dirty dishes for guests to notice.

An Extendable Faucet. If you’re an avid baker or cook, you’ll understand the need for an extendable faucet. Spray-rinsing makes cleaning so much easier.

Kitchen TechniQ can help you create the kitchen you want at a cost you can afford.