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The Kitchen Alphabet

kitchen shapesMost of us think of a kitchen as a box with cabinets, fridge, stove/range cabinets shelves and counter tops all fixed one of the four walls with tables and chairs in the middle of ‘box”.

That’s because homes used to be designed as a box as well. We still have those “cookie cutter” box homes, but today homes are being designed, or renovated not for the convenience of a contractor/developer, but for the convenience and tastes of the people who live in them.

Renovation makes any home as personal and unique and the owners themselves; and nothing is more “personal” than your kitchen. It’s your work space, and it should reflect you just as much as the rest of the house. Just because you live in a “box” doesn’t mean your kitchen has to be a box. Choosing a kitchen shape that “works” for you makes your home as unique and personal as the rest of the house. It’s not just about appliances and decor, but also shape: what makes working in the kitchen more efficient.

Why be boxed in with a box? Today’s kitchen comes in every color and shape, but it’s what you do with it. There’s a whole alphabet of kitchen shapes to fit your needs which should you choose? It’s “thinking out of the “box”!

  • U-shape or three-wall Kitchens is the traditional kitchen: workstations and appliances on three sides, with the eating area in the middle.
  • L-shape Kitchens feature workstations and appliances installed so there is less need for movement when preparing a meal, and a larger eating area.
  • Galley Kitchens have all three walls dedicated to preparation and storage. It’s good for small families or smaller kitchens where meals can be eaten in a separate dining room.

Kitchen TechniQ can design and build a kitchen that matches your needs and lifestyle.