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The Farmhouse Sink, and How to Use It

farmhouse sink

So what is a “Farmhouse Sink” and how can you use in your kitchen?

Long ago, people hauled their water from lakes, rivers, and wells into their homes – no plumbing to deal with all their water needs: washing clothes, washing dishes and preparing food. Early homes had dry sinks, but no connection to a plumbing system that piped water to a house. What they used were large metal “tubs” that could hold a large amount of water for a home’s daily needs. Also known as “apron sinks”, or “apron front sinks” these large sinks with no faucets or countertops were often found in homes years ago, originally designed for women who spent long hours washing or preparing food.

Today the descendants of the farmhouse kitchen still exists now with spigots for hot or cold water in the working areas of modern home, as well as being designed as both the functional and decorative elements of a kitchen and home.