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Reasons to Renovator

DYI (Do-It-Yourself) is all the rage in home renovation these days; and there are certainly good economic reasons for ”doing it yourself”, if you have the time, and the skills to do so. But renovating a bedroom, den or living room is different that renovating a Kitchen. It’s not just adding new furnishings, new paint and adding windows and closets.… read more

The Easy Kitchen

Why have cabinets? Does a carpenter hide his tools? Does an artist hide his brushes and paint? The kitchen is your workspace and your studio. You create, and your tools are as much a part of your workspace as any as any artist’s studio, so why waste time and space hiding your tools and materials in cabinet and drawers when… read more

Small Kitchens Can Be Big Deals

Big specious kitchens are the ideal, but small homes and apartments just don’t have the space, and that means the kitchen suffers from lack of space reserved for living and bedroom areas. But lack of space does not necessarily mean lack of style and efficiency. All it means is a better use of the space. Larger kitchen spaces offer more… read more

What Color is your Kitchen?

Does it really matter? Great home kitchens don’t just mean cooking and eating . Kitchens are places where you linger after the cooking and the eating is is done. It’s the place for discussions are made with coffee and a special snack long after the party is over. Kitchen colors should promote feelings of warmth, and not just from the… read more

“Open-Concept” Kitchens

The concept of “open floor plans” for single-family houses has been a dominant choice for years, and that includes the kitchen. “Open floor” is an architectural concept that essentially removes the walls dividing one room of a home from another. The purpose is to bring a sense of openness and community to a home; as opposed to chopping the spaces… read more